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KME has a variety of off-road options available for our custom chassis line. Recently KME installed an EZ Trac system on a unit for the Anchorage Fire Department to accommodate their need for 4×4, but with a restriction on overall apparatus height. EZ Trac is a steerable hydraulic drive assist system to simplify and overcome traction and mobility issues without sacrificing ride quality, safety and control.

EZ Trac has the ability to engage and disengage on the go at speeds less than 20 mph, so that with the flip of a cab-mounted switch, you have the control and traction you need to go from on-highway to off-road and back. Unlike conventional front-wheel drive systems, EZ Trac maintains factory turning radius, ride quality, ground clearance, overall height and allows for a lower center of gravity, making your vehicle less likely to overturn and easier to handle.

For more information, visit http://fire.kovatch.com/.

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