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Boyle Fire Rescue Boyle and Area Rescue Team (B.A.R.T.) Light Rescue Truck

Boyle (Alberta, Canada) Fire Rescue’s newest addition to its fire protection family is a light rescue. The story behind the truck is one Boyle Fire Rescue is very proud of. The department had acquired a trailer by means of a grant, but its existing rapid response vehicle could not pull the trailer under emergency conditions. Personnel set out to replace the unit. With no funds for such a truck, they began fundraising and applying for grants. With the generosity of several organizations they were able to purchase a used truck and start the project. With limited funds and wanting the best unit possible for Boyle, the firefighters decided to take it upon themselves to build the truck and supply all the necessary labor to keep the expenditures on the equipment only. After thousands of hours and many evenings and weekends in the hall, the firefighters have managed to create a state-of-the-art light rescue.

The truck is equipped with the most advanced lighting control system available, carries 100 gallons of water discharged by a high pressure foam pump capable of extinguishing a vehicle fire or, most recently, nearly an acre of wildfire. This light rescue truck was intended to be the “Swiss Army Knife” of the fleet and was further outfitted with traffic support abilities and the newest in quick-response extrication tools, making it pivotal in nearly every emergency. The truck is even equipped with its own aerial reconnaissance drone.

Boyle firefighters wanted the truck to be available for the 2016 fire season, one that was expected to be and has proven itself as the most dangerous in recent history. In order to make this lofty deadline, funds were transferred from another funded project to allow for its completion. The department achieved its goal, and the truck had an opportunity to prove itself and did extremely well in just the first two days of full service. The truck was completed with no funds required from the county or village.

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