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The Rig: More on Fire Apparatus Dimensions

By Bill Adams Specific dimensional requirements in fire apparatus purchasing specifications can be construed as operational or proprietary. I believe operational dimensions are essential and justifiable. Specifying the maximum overall height, width, and length of a new rig is a ...

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The Rig: It’s All About the Water

By Ricky Riley “The engine companies, or hose carriers as they are sometimes called, are manned by firemen whose chief responsibility is to get water on the fire.” This is a quote from a film called “Your Fire Department” that ...

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Fire Truck Compartment Dimensions

By Bill Adams Many fire apparatus manufacturers have single-sheet pieces of advertising literature with a rig’s photo on the front and hard-to-read blueprints on the back showing four or five views of the apparatus. Look very closely because the prints ...

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The Rig: Rack Storage

By Ricky Riley I’ve posted a number of pictures on Twitter and other social media of rigs with rack storage. I hope to better explain what rack storage is with this brief article for The Rig. The original article that ...

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