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You Don’t Want A Competitive Bid?

By Bill Adams After my recent article titled “You Want a Competitive Bid? Don’t Lie to Me!” that described how some fire chiefs are less than sincere when telling apparatus vendors they want competitive bids, the following comment was posted: ...

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Let’s Go Interior

By Ricky Riley We spend a lot of time in our fire apparatus—going to and from calls, area drills, to the store, and just riding the first due. When we look inside apparatus cabs, there are a number of interior ...

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You Want a Competitive Bid? Don’t Lie to Me!

By Bill Adams Most dissertations concerning fire apparatus purchasing expound on those picture-perfect relationships where the fire department is praised for an outstanding job in designing the apparatus and the manufacturer is commended for a great job in manufacturing it. ...

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Specifying Deck Gun Risers for Fire Trucks

By Bill Adams Apparatus-mounted master stream appliances (deck guns) are also called deck pipes, monitors, deluge sets, and turrets. Regional descriptions refer to the appliance manufacturer such as Stang, Eastman, and McIntire. In his 2011 Fire Engineering article about master ...

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It is Just a Crosslay

By Ricky Riley For departments that run with crosslays (or Mattydales, whichever term you prefer), this is usually a simple request to the apparatus manufacturer that can be added to your new rig. It’s as simple as asking, “Please put ...

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