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The Rig: Driving and Operating

By Bill Adams One of the most important positions in the fire service is the apparatus driver-operator. Although respecting ladder truck drivers, this piece mainly references pumpers. Any driver-operator is called a “motor pump operator” (MPO)—regardless of gender or type ...

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The Smart Fire Apparatus, Part 2

READ The Smart Fire Apparatus, Part 1 By Craig Weeks So, what are some potential pitfalls with modern technology in fire apparatus? Besides a few I mentioned in The Smart Apparatus, Part 1, there are two primary reasons why apparatus ...

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The Smart Fire Apparatus, Part 1

READ The Smart Fire Apparatus, Part 2 By Craig Weeks What is a smart fire apparatus? I had to ask myself this. Because as far as I am concerned, fire apparatus are only as smart as the specifications, construction, and operator. ...

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LAFD Major Emergency Wharf Fire

WILMINGTON—A stubborn wharf fire caused a brief evacuation of Los Angeles (CA) Port employees and closure of several shipping terminals on Monday evening. As the incident ensued, pervasive odor over a widespread area caused a brief impact on local schools, ...

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Keeping Your Apparatus Paint Intact

By PPG and KME Paint is the first line of defense in keeping fire apparatus in service and operating properly. In areas along the coast or in the winter belt where roads are treated, it’s even more critical. Untreated corrosion ...

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