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Ferrara MVP Rescue Pumper

One Truck…Every Response

With the increase in emergency response demands and limited resources placed on fire departments today, it is difficult to have the exact assets needed quickly on scene in the first critical moments. As a true first response vehicle, the MVP Rescue Pumper combines the water flow power of a custom pumper with the equipment storage space of a rescue unit into one truck capable of responding to fire, EMS, rescue, hazmat and salvage events. While saving money in maintenance and operation cost by taking the place of multiple trucks, the MVP gives fire departments more flexibility and effectiveness on scene by carrying a wider range of critical response equipment and lots of water.

  • Lower operational cost of one truck instead of two trucks
  • Standard full body pump provides up to 2250 GPM of water flow
  • Short wheelbase allows easier maneuverability in congested city streets
  • 500+ square feet of storage space allows more critical response equipment
  • 77 foot MVP Rescue Ladder is available with 200+ square feet of equipment storage
  • Safer operations with standard steamer location and low speedlays, steps and compartments

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