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Wildland Apparatus Equipment Highlights WUI Exhibition

A wide assortment of wildland equipment and gear likely to be found on wildland, brush, or WUI rigs made their appearance at the recent Wildland Urban Interface (WUI) conference.

VIDEO: Whipline Bumper Turret

The turret moves as quickly as the operator’s hand, allowing the operator to rapidly sweep back-and-forth across the fire for quick knockdown using minimal water.

VIDEO: KME Vermont Hazmat Command Vehicle

This video covers a new KME Predator™ hazmat command unit recently delivered to the State of Vermont.

Craig Weeks on Talking Trucks and Equipment

Craig Weeks, division chief/fleet manager for the Los Angeles County (CA) Fire Department and a Rig columnist, sat down to talk with Chris Mc Loone about apparatus technology, apparatus gearing, and more.

Training Guides

Weighing In on Apparatus GVWs

When buying new apparatus, don't let weight become a final inspection headache.  Thinking beyond the numbers on the doorplate helps build a tr...

Ten Apparatus Purchasing Mistakes

The acquisition of new fire apparatus can be a daunting task for fire departments and is loaded with opportunities for missteps. Decision makers mu...

Anatomy of a Fire Pump

Understanding the anatomy of a fire pump can be a key to maintaining a long-lasting, strong-running pump for many years. This article will discuss ...

Wireless Headsets Permeate All Areas of Response

Firefighters have enjoyed wireless connectivity through their desktop computers, laptops, smart phones, and notepads for a while. Now they are usin...

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