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Politics and Purchasing Fire Trucks

In apparatus purchasing, politics is seldom, if ever, addressed. Everyone knows it exists, but no one wants to admit it or talk about it.

Big Hose Equals Big Water, Part 2

Departments and brigades that have not adopted LDH need to ask themselves if there are places or situations where they need to move more water over greater distances with fewer personnel and lower cost.

Fire Apparatus Cab Seating Options

Fire Apparatus Seating Options

Where Are Are You Sitting?

Give the crew a little bit of elbowroom and don’t try to cram them in like sardines—they just might thank you for it.

VIDEO: Akron Brass DeckMaster Monitor for Fire Apparatus

The unique design of the DeckMaster Monitor allows electric elevation and positioning 26'' above the base of the flange for operation over obstructions with the push of a switch.

VIDEO: Fire Apparatus Body Options from KME

This short video provides an overview of the variety of body options KME offers its customers for the fire apparatus it manufactures.

VIDEO: Akron Brass Revolution Fire Apparatus Intake Valve

Its anodized aluminum and stainless steel construction features a unique, easy-to-use handwheel for simplified valve operation.

VIDEO: Myrtle Beach (SC) Featured Pumper Walk-Around

This rig is built on a KME Predator four-door LFD chassis with 10” raised roof. It offers an external cab storage compartment with hinged door and internal access.

Training Guides

High Pressure Pumps for Rapid Intervention Vehicles

The use of Ultra High Pressure firefighting has been tested and validated to extinguish most Class A and Class B fires using one-fifth to one-third...

One Step CAFS

What is CAFS? A fire extinguishing system that produces a bubble structure composed of foam, air and water.  CAFS started in Europe in 1930’s ...

Press Releases

Akron Brass Adds Personnel to Sales Team

The new hires bring years of fire industry knowledge and direct sales experience to the team. 

Triumph MultiColor Lightbar for Fire Apparatus

With the new MultiColor technology, the front of the bar can be set to steady burn white, effectively making it a high-powered scene light, when ne...

Message Board for Emergency Vehicles

The Code 3 Message Board is easily readable from 328 feet, which allows maximum safety for the message board operator and on-coming motor...

Dash Emitter for Fire Apparatus

The Dash Emitter provides safe traffic management for emergency vehicles traveling through an intersection.

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