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VIDEO: Myrtle Beach (SC) Featured Pumper Walk-Around

This rig is built on a KME Predator four-door LFD chassis with 10” raised roof. It offers an external cab storage compartment with hinged door and internal access.

Big Hose Equals Big Water: Part 1

The reason for the shift to LDH is simply a matter of geometry and hydraulics. If you double the diameter of a hose, you increase its area by four.

5 Ways to Buy a Fire Truck

There are several methods to consider when purchasing an apparatus. Here are pros and cons and different strategies for each approach to consider prior to purchasing an apparatus.

Be Seen at the Scene

One important, and sometimes overlooked, type of equipment that is very beneficial in helping firefighters respond successfully to an emergency is scene lighting.

Ground Ladder Storage Options for Fire Apparatus

Fire Apparatus Ground Ladder Storage Options

What To Do With The Ground Ladders on Fire Apparatus

Someone in the department or on the apparatus committee must make a decision on the planned use for these ladders operationally. 

Affordable Industrial Fire Apparatus: Part 2

I am not discounting the big apparatus. But, what about a medium-duty flatbed truck and sealed bulk liquid totes?

Please Put The Drill Down

What makes me cringe is when I see departments just pick up the drill and start putting holes in the walls and floors of their brand new units—holes that we can never undo after they are there.

Training Guides

Choosing a Nozzle

The nozzle is an important part of the firefighting system. The selection of the nozzle to be used by the department should depend upon the tactics...

Fire Apparatus Seat Design

In recent years, there has been a focus on efficient seat design for firefighters. In the fire industry seconds can make a difference when it comes...

Press Releases

Code 3 LED Swivel Worklights™

These rugged worklights are designed with a swivel base that turns 360 degrees, addressing the many situations where extra directional lighting is ...

Akron Brass Turns Heads at Interschutz 2015

Within the wide spectrum of Akron products exhibited, excitement surrounded the ProVenger™ nozzle family, the Revel™ LED scene light, the...

USSC Fire Apparatus Driver Seats

USSC’s latest lines of Valor Firefighter Seats exhibit the most advanced technology in innovative product performance solutions.

Akron Brass Space-Saving Intake Valve

The Akron Brass Revolution Intake Valve brings simplicity and efficiency to any apparatus. Its anodized aluminum and stainless steel cons...

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