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Firefighter Seats Deliver Military Grade Toughness

Military men and women put their lives on the line protecting others. Their safety and effectiveness depend on having the best training, equipment, and technology available. The U.S. military contracts with USSC Group to help protect troops using seating designed for survivability and extreme duty performance. Using a proprietary engineering design, ergonomic best practices, high-endurance materials, and safety technology built right in, USSC Group provides today’s military personnel with superior seating that has their back.

VALOR Seating, another branch of USSC Group, transfers those same design principles of top safety and survivability to meet the extreme duty requirements of first responders. VALOR transfers the best military seating technology and durability by applying it to the unique demands of fire apparatus and ambulance seating.

In addition to military-grade endurance and ergonomically engineered design, VALOR first responder seating solutions include ReadyReach seat belts. When wearing bulky turnout gear and SCBA, a constricting seat belt may seem unavoidable. This is not the case with VALOR. With safety as a top priority in designing VALOR seats, a reach seat belt allows firefighters to be securely seated yet still have the quick ingress and egress essential to performing their duties. VALOR seats add another layer of protection with the integration of VALORTech XD, a proprietary antimicrobial agent that resists toxicity and contaminants often transferred from the scene and/or patient care into apparatus and ambulance seats.

VALOR. Designed for extreme duty. Designed for first responders.

For more information, visit http://landing.penngage.com/ussc-valor/


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