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Lights, Sirens, and HAAS Alert

By Darley Team

W.S. Darley & Co is bringing the future to FDIC International 2018. One such example that W.S. Darley & Co is excited to be showcasing in its booth includes new products and services from HAAS Alert.

HAAS Alert is a service that delivers real-time R2V (Responder-to-Vehicle) and R2R (Responder-to-Responder) communication to directly warn motorists and other emergency responders when an emergency vehicle is en route to a call and on scene. With Luxury cars boasting soundproof cabins with loud sound systems and smartphone integration competing for driver’s attention, it has become harder for emergency response vehicles to cut through the noise; which is where HAAS Alert comes in. HAAS Alert reaches motorists through a vehicle’s navigation system or smartphone, alerting motorists to act and reducing the risk of a collision with both the motorist and emergency responders.

In addition to alerting nearby motorists, departments can also benefit from the live dashboard that gives chiefs and decision makers real-time situational awareness of their vehicles and status along with other analytics that help departments optimize performance. The service already sends proactive safety notifications to Waze users, and integration with other popular navigation apps and in-car systems with major automotive brands is also on the way. Within the next couple of years, HAAS Alert will be sending alerts to millions of drivers daily.

HAAS Alert is easy to install on any apparatus. Departments looking to integrate HAAS Alert can get up and running in a single afternoon. HAAS Alert service requires no additional steps after initial setup.

HAAS Alert is one of the first services approved for use on FirstNet, the new cellular network built specifically for Public Safety. Critical communication between a fire apparatus and HAAS Alert will have priority over nonemergency communications traffic. HAAS Alert isn’t supposed to replace lights and sirens, but it does offer an additional way to reach motorists. Lights, Sirens, HAAS Alert.

HAAS Alert will be at booth 5567, and W.S. Darley & Co will be at booth 3721 at FDIC International.

For more information, visit www.darley.com and www.haasalert.com.

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