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The leader in safety and survivability solutions for firefighters. Our first responder seating allows for safe transport of our fire fighters to where they are needed most. Valor seating solutions allow for the quickest possible ingress and egress from the vehicle. Valor seats use SCBA support straps that allow for quick strap in, as well as easy access to seat belts and buckles. These innovations allow firefighters to be safely secured in the seat in record time. Our dynamically adjustable back will allow the firefighter to be properly and safely seated against the bolsters and headrest areas without the pack uncomfortably pushing on the lower back area. Valor seats are available in multiple applications with IMMI Roll-Tek airbag and rollover technology. When the truck reaches the scene, our patent pending single point remote release system allows the firefighter to get free with simply the pull of a handle located between their legs. With a single pull the firefighter is out of the seat and on to saving lives. Our military grade construction allows for some of the most durable seats available. To put it simply, our seats are built to last.

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