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Waterous CS/CSU Split-Shaft Pump 360

Designed with a two-piece, horizontally split body with intake and discharge passageways in a single casting and on the same level. This design provides the lowest possible height, a lower center of gravity, and more room for hose reels, hose beds and other equipment.

The CS/CSU Split-Shaft model is equipped with a chain-driven C20 Transmission. The C20 Transmission provides the best In-Class power transfer. The silent chain-drive provides no gear whining, provides positive shifting and requires less horsepower that will enhance the efficiency of the apparatus.

Learn more: http://www.waterousco.com/cs-csu.html


The CMU is a two ‐ stage centrifugal pump designed for easy operation and flexibility to choose from a variety of intake and discharge locations and sizes. With its maximum pressure of 600 PSI (40 bar), the CMU pump is ideally suited for High Rise Applications.
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