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Fire Apparatus Seating for Quick Ingress and Egress

By Deanna McGough

When there are fires, emergencies, disasters, and explosions, most people flee and run away from the flames. First responders, however, run toward them. Every day, these brave heroes risk their lives to save others. First responders are among the most important workers who serve and protect our communities by responding to fires and other emergencies.

It is very important that first responders are able to perform their jobs to the best of their ability. Seating solutions should allow for the quickest ingress and egress from a vehicle, ensuring no time is wasted and more lives are being saved.

Quick Ingress and Egress
A dynamically adjustable back allows first responders to be properly and safely seated against the bolsters and headrest without an SCBA uncomfortably pushing on the lower back. Even though all first responder seats today offer the ability to adjust the self-contained breathing apparatus (SCBA) mounting bracket position based on SCBA size, none of them have previously been adjustable to the first responder. USSC has developed a patent pending design called the dynamic back which automatically adjusts to the optimal position for each and every first responder. This allows for the first responder to be properly positioned on the seat at all times, giving maximum safety and comfort.

There are numerous SCBA bracket options available to fire departments. The USSC easy lock release system uses the Ziamatic bracket, allowing first responders to free themselves with a pull of the quick release handle. The IMMI Smart Dock is a hands free system based on the momentum of the first responder getting up and out of the seat. The Ziamatic walkaway is a simple, economical clip in style bracket. Together, these brackets allow first responder to adjust their air pack as needed by merely sliding back in the seat. This feature creates a safe and comfortable seating position and stops the pack from sticking in their backs. The SCBA bracket can be reset for the next first responder by using a handle on the side of the seat.

In addition to the dynamic adjustable bracket, Valor seats use SCBA support straps which allow for quick strap-in and easy access to seat belts and buckles. Many seats come with the seatbelts mounted directly to the seat. USSC has taken this design practice one step forward by using a dual retractor system which also incorporates the ReadyReach design directly to the seat. By using a dual retractor seat belt, time is saved because the belts retract at a faster pace than a single retractor would. With this belt application, USSC is able to offer maximum belt capacity, ensuring proper coverage for all first responders while optimizing the ingress and egress process with easy to use positioning of the belt. 

These innovations allow first responders to be safely secured in the seat in record time. All gear is in place and ready to go. 


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