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The Comfort Continues

Seat comfort is designed in from the start, beginning with the frame and perfected with our foam. Valor First Responder Seating foam is focused on three key areas; comfort, aesthetics and durability, providing the appropriate amount of flexibility, shape and support without change over its period of use.

Figure 1: Computer Simulated Pressure Map

When it comes to materials, multiple options exist with polyurethane (PU) being the most common.  Along with selecting the best foam material option for the application, it is also critical to define the appropriate cushion firmness in order to maximize comfort and durability.

Whereas a sports car design may be more focused around function and thus have extremely aggressive design shapes to keep the driver from moving from side to side, the first responder seat is focused on fit given the wide range of users.  Multiple Computer Aided Design (CAD) models utilize ergonomic criteria to ensure proper fit and function.  Objective data shows proven comfort through the use of pressure mapping equipment (see figure 1). Pressure mapping techniques give a computer-generated output showing key pressuremetrics of the seat. The map helps to ensure maximum comfort by designing a seat built on data taken right from the source.

Figure 2: Physical Pressure Mapping

Figures show both the computer simulated pressure mapping executed prior to physical samples and additional images showing pressure mapping results from physical testing.  There are several key aspects that come into play following testing.

  1. Overall Area: By maximizing surface area, we can design a seat that works to ensure a reduction in the overall pressure as felt by the operator.
  2. High Pressure (Hot Spots): Focus is put on eliminating all hot spots that can create discomfort over time. This is done by assessing foam thickness and the overall firmness.
  3. Adjustability of the Pressure: By offering features such as height adjust, back recline, and more, we can allow movement of the pressure when the seat is in use, reducing overall fatigue.

When it comes to comfort, Valor First Responder Seating ranks first in satisfaction. Based on proven pressure mapping results, our seating options deliver the most in-seat occupant comfort and durability.

To learn more about Valor seating, contact Executive Vice President Steve Toren at storen@usscgroup.com.

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