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Ask a Darley Engineer

By Kyle Darley, Design Engineer

Q: What does Darley offer in a turn-key PTO pump solution?

A: Darley’s HM Solution Series is a turnkey underslung module designed to allow improved throughput at the OEM level and uncontested performance for the world’s firefighting professionals. The HM Solution Series offering features the tried and true PTO-driven HM 500 pump, capable of delivering an NFPA performance rating of 500 gpm.

Are you a novice or seasoned builder looking for a simple-to build 500 gpm offering? If so, the HM Solution Series module is the answer. The main driver behind the development of the HM Solution Series was to create a simple-to-install module that provides ample performance and great quality that is characteristic of the Darley product line.

The module includes a powder-coated steel sub frame. The pump and subframe are tucked behind a brushed aluminum panel. The standard panel features the Darley AutoControl™ governor, a tank level gauge, a primer activation handle, two 21/2″ NPT discharge ports, a pneumatic tank-to-pump actuator, push-pull tank fill actuator, push-pull actuator for crosslays one and two, four discharge pressure gauges, a 4″ NPT suction inlet, a 2″ auxiliary inlet, UL pressure test ports, five 1/4 drain valves and a push-pull pump drain. Behind the panel, the plumbing includes a 4″ Victaulic tank-to-pump line, two 2″ Victaulic cross lay connections, and one 2″ Victaulic tank fill connection. The module is also equipped with the Darley rotary vane fluidless primer.

With a 36″ panel width, this compact offering allows an OEM to tuck the module into the L1 compartment, leaving plenty of real-estate for additional storage. The depth of the module, from the panel to the frame rail, is 21″.

Once you have purchased the HM Solution series and an appropriately sized chassis, the installation is a breeze. A simple six-step process can be followed with installation in less than eight hours, and your pump house will be firefighter-ready. When the installation is complete, run the NFPA performance test to verify the performance, and you are finished.

For more information, visit www.darley.com.

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