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Unruly Apparatus Purchasing Committees

  By Bill Adams A career in fire apparatus sales is not complete until you’ve bumped heads with a bull-headed, know-it-all, don’t-question-my-authority apparatus purchasing committee (APC) member or fire chief. Its immaterial if the chief and committee is volunteer or ...

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Ziamatic Vertical Hard Suction Tray Mount

  With Zico’s Model HHS-TMV-2, fire departments can mount two 10’ hard sleeves, one directly above the other, on a fire apparatus side shelf. Heavy-duty nylon straps tightly secure the sleeves to the tray while remaining easy to remove when ...

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The Rig: Pump Panel Options

The Rig: Pump Panel Options By: Ricky Riley I really have not given much thought to pump panel options in my years of apparatus specification writing. I usually took what the manufacturer had given me, and it always seemed to ...

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Zico Hydraulic Hard Sleeve System

YARDLEY, PA—The Ziamatic Corp. (Zico) Hydraulic Hard Sleeve System, Model HS-HA is a safer, easier, and more space-efficient way to store two to four, 5″ or 6″ hard sleeves over the side compartments of an apparatus. At the flip of ...

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More on Ineffective Truck Committees

By Bill Adams The first segment about ineffective apparatus purchasing committees (APCs) described one fictional fire district as an authority having jurisdiction (AHJ) that served as its own purchasing committee. The article ended with the comment that an unfettered APC ...

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