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2007 Darley/DT-4400 International Pumper

The Avon (SD) Fire Department recently took delivery of this Darley/International 1,500/1,000 pumper from Brindlee Mountain Fire Apparatus.

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Williamsburg (IA) Fire Department Receives Delivery of New Toyne Pumper Tanker

Williamsburg, IA—Firefighters from the Williamsburg Fire Department welcomed the arrival of their new Toyne pumper-tanker. This is the department’s fourth Toyne Tailored Apparatus. It will be taking the place of an older Toyne pumper that has helped protect their fire ...

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Tanker Innovations Improve Water Carrying, Vehicle Handling Abilities

By Alan M. Petrillo Tankers (tenders), especially those carrying very large amounts of water, have sometimes been criticized for two major drawbacks: sacrificing compartment space to get to a specified gallonage and having heavy and less responsive handling capabilities. But ...

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Rig of the Day: Ferrara/Freightliner Commercial Tanker

Start-Girard Fire Protection District, Start, Louisiana Type: Commercial Tanker Chassis: Freightliner – M2-106 Body: Heavy-duty 3/16″ marine-grade aluminum modular body Pump: Side Mount – Hale RSD 1,000-gpm Tank: 2,000 gallon water; 10″ rear tank dump with 36″ extension; 4″ rear ...

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E-ONE/Freightliner 1,250/3,000 Tanker-Pumper

This is a 1992 E-ONE/Freightliner 3000 gallon Tanker Pumper with a 1,250-gpm pump and 1¾-inch Front jump line and a 1¾-inch side jump line. It carries 1,200 feet of 3-inch supply line , four SCBA , two 2.5-inch tank fills ...

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REV Group Fire Division Partners with ZeroRPM on Idle Mitigation System Specifically Engineered for E-ONE, Ferrara and KME

OCALA, FL – May 10, 2018 – REV Group, a manufacturer of industry-leading motor vehicle brands, has announced a partnership with ZeroRPM in the development of a battery powered idle mitigation system specifically engineered for the E-ONE, Ferrara and KME ...

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