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Ask a Darley Engineer: Helping Rural Budgets

Q: What has Darley done to ease rural department budgetary concerns?

In recent years, the U.S. economy has experienced drastic swings. That has caused a chain reaction in all areas of the economy. As a result, municipal budgets have been hard hit. With already tight budgets, rural fire departments have had to carefully examine their needs, while determining the most economical route to provide a high quality of service to their communities.

Darley  has continued to respond to the needs of its customers by developing pumps that provide the performance and quality expected of Darley products while remaining budget conscious. Powered by dependable Briggs and Stratton engines made here in the U.S., the Darley Porpoise™ is a more compact version of the trusted Darley Dolphin™ floating pump. The Darley Porpoise™ fits inside a typical truck compartment and is easily transported. Weighing in at under 60 lbs., the Darley Porpoise™ is capable of flowing over 300 gallons per minute, while consuming just 1.6 quarts of fuel per hour. The compact design of the Porpoise turns any pond or home swimming pool into a usable water source for fire suppression.

In addition to the Porpoise, Darley has introduced the 2BE18VX. Similar to the popular 2BE18V, the 2BE18VX uses the same 18 hp Briggs and Stratton Vanguard engine, the same 2BE water pump, and the same maintenance-free silicon carbide mechanical seal – all standard. With flow capabilities of 375 gallons per minute and pressures exceeding 140 psi, the 2BE18VX is an excellent choice for water transfer, multiple hand lines and wildland fire suppression. The 2BE18VX gives you essentials in an economical package without sacrificing Darley performance and quality standards.

Darley will continue to respond to the changing marketplace, while providing high quality, safe and innovative products with unmatched commitment and service.

For more information, visit www.darley.com.


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