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Down to the Last Stitch

Material and cover design are the first things you see when you inspect a Valor First Responder Seating product and Valor aims to provide best in class upholstery with a strong design focus from concept to execution, making sure your result seamlessly blends in with your vehicle while giving you the best quality product on the market.

Valor seats provide durability with the use of military grade fabrics. Valor seats are the only industry solution offering built-in fabric and vinyl technology called VALORTech XD, designed with strength and functionality in mind. Not only do our materials look great, but they’re easy to clean and are designed to stand the test of time. Our vinyl material is easy to wipe off and cordura fabrics simply require the use of a soft bristled brush and cleaning solution. Regular cleaning will ensure your Valor First Responder seats are well maintained throughout their use.

Valor’s upholstery also incorporates triple stitch seams for maximum strength and durability, as well as a high-quality appearance. By using this method, we create a backbone of support around the areas most prone to weathering. The seam that would normally come apart or have visible thread damage after wear and tear is given an extra layer of durability, giving your seat a longer life.

The design and selection of these materials and sewing patterns truly help maximize the comfort and perception while giving the best performance for day to day use. Combined with our unique pressure mapping technology used to give our foam the best design, our covers are uniquely created to fit the curvature of the foam, such that there is no gaping or ill-fitted material, making sure comfort is a top variable.

As part of Valor’s contribution to the Clean Cab Initiative, we introduced our Microban AEGIS® Microbe Shield program, an important added protection that further enhances this barrier. This eco-friendly, powerful, anti-containment spray adds an additional layer of protection between cleanings and can increase seat life. AEGIS® is a safe and effective antimicrobial technology that’s been proven to eliminate odor-causing bacteria for more than 30 years. The active ingredient in AEGIS® forms a protective coating that can molecularly bond with fabrics upon application. Bacteria are attracted to the coating’s positive charge, and upon encountering the treated fibers, the odor-causing culprits are destroyed.

For more information on Valor First Responder Seating products, contact Steve Toren storen@usscgroup.com.

Find us at FDIC 2019! Stop by booth 4821 to demo our seats in person and chat with us about the best seats in the industry.


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