Darley Showcases Innovation at FDIC International 2024

Darley’s Command Vehicle Package (CVP) is designed for solid and dependable communication and will be on display at booth 3557.

The CVP integrates smart network aggregation to create a resilient backhaul which uses a mix of data long term evolution (LTE) and satellite communication technologies to always find the strongest network signal. Three LTE network signals plus a satellite antenna ensure you stay connected, even in the toughest environments.

The redundant backhaul is essential for Darley’s “Data First” command and control center, transforming it beyond a mere advanced telephone. This approach enhances public safety agencies’ communication, collaboration, proactive challenge resolution, risk mitigation, and ensures a faster, coordinated response in critical situations through Azure-based partner solutions. The integration of Artificial Intelligence empowers Public Safety decision-makers to revolutionize command and control across various scenarios, anywhere.

There is no advanced training required to operate this technology as it is intended to allow you to focus on your existing first responder SOPs. Darley is collaborating with industry partners such as Microsoft, Ford, IP Access, Dejero, Kymeta, Hypha, DroneSense, Stealth Power and others to bring this new solution to life.

25HP EFI Honda Engine with Optional Dual Remote Panels

Darley is offering new technology allowing firefighters to start, stop, and control RPM from inside the cab or at the pump with its new 25-hp Honda portable gasoline-powered engine. Other than remote control capability and critical engine data, this engine’s electronic fuel injection means that no choke is required,
engine power is increased, and exhaust emissions are cleaner Darley offers this engine coupled to a variety of both gear driven and direct drive pumps.

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Electric Vehicle Fire Response Solutions

Darley offers components for quickly aiding in emergency response efforts to control EV fires. The universal EV plug establishes scene safety, safely disabling electric vehicles and preventing unintended movement. The car’s 12-volt electrical system will still work (windows, lights, seats).

The AVL Stingray™ One brings vehicle battery fires under control safely, efficiently, and quickly. The system directly cools the battery from the inside and thereby interrupts the chain reaction (thermal runaway) of the battery cells. Even though a healthy battery pack should never be penetrated, extreme situations might require extreme measures. While the AVL Stingray interrupts the thermal runaway and fire spread, it is best to tow, transport and store the vehicle using the Darley fire blanket to ensure protection from possible reignition.

Robotics, Drones, and VR/AR Products

Virtual Reality (VR) training is rethinking how current and future first responders prepare for real-world challenges, proving itself as a trusted tool in the training ecosystem. Darley focuses on repetitive practice to develop muscle memory and provide a distraction-free safe environment crucial for effective learning. Darley understands that one size doesn’t fit all in training, so if its current VR solutions don’t perfectly align with your needs, we’re ready to find the right fit.

The Shark Robotics Colossus weighs 230 lbs. and offers ten mission modules.

The Parrot ANAFI sUAS is demanded by the US DoD & federal agencies.

European & Battery-Powered Electric Pumps

Darley has been listening to its customers and working to develop modules that OEMs can offer either as a standard package or with custom options. With electrification continuing to rise, Darley is offering pumps with an electric motor.

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Darley has also partnered with Esteri, a Finnish company with a complete line of EN pumps, to deliver for world markets.

For more information, visit Darley’s FDIC Portal.



Darley will display a variety of products at FDIC International 2024, including EV fire solutions, robotics products, drones, and its command vehicle.

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