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ODIN Cobra 200/100 Engine-Driven CAFS

This unit is designed to fit nicely behind the cab on the frame rails of a 4×4 Ford F-550, Ram 5500, or GMC/Navistar 5500 chassis. This fully independent, cross-mount, 73-hp-Deutz-diesel-engine-driven CAFS pump package offers plenty of water flow (250 GPM) as well as full drafting capability with the Darley 2.5 AGE centrifugal fire pump and Darley rotary vane primer. When fire attack is on your mind, the 125-CFM compressor and the FoamPro system, combined with the Darley water pump, give you unequalled CAFS performance in a fully “pump-n-roll,” easy-to-operate, wildland firefighting package. All you need to do is feed it water, foam concentrate, and fuel, and you have a CAFS package that is hard to beat on the fireground.

For more information, visit www.odinfoam.com.

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