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E-ONE Selects Darley PSP 1,500 Pump for 49 ARFF Vehicles

E-ONE, a subsidiary of REV Group and a manufacturer of fire apparatus, has selected Darley as its pump supplier for new TITAN® 4×4 Air Transportable (AT) ARFF P-19C vehicles to the United States Air Force (U.S.A.F.).

These vehicles are specifically designed to fit on Lockheed Martin’s C-130 Super Hercules, allowing the vehicles to be rapidly deployed to U.S.A.F. bases around the world. This TITAN AT P-19C is about two-thirds the size with a transport weight of less than 26,000 lbs. and GVWR (gross vehicle weight rating) of approximately 42,000 lbs., while meeting all the performance requirements of NFPA 414 with acceleration from 0-50 mph in less than 25 seconds.

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The extruded aluminum cab, with 56.4 sq. ft. of glass area and cockpit style seating, provides outstanding visibility for the driver, officer and crew. Each of these vehicles will be painted in a matte finish desert sand color.

The TITAN® ARFF vehicle features a Cummins 500-hp engine, Allison 4000 EVS transmission, Cushman power divider, 1,000 gallon water/140-gallon Class “B” foam concentrate tank, 250 lb. dry chemical system and a Darley PSP 1,500-gpm water pump.

“E-ONE has built the Air Force Fire & Emergency Services the next generation air transportable ARFF truck by taking us from an early 1980s model to today’s environment for our warfighters, while still remaining consistent with the airframe utilized for transportability around the world,” said Fred Terryn, Fire Vehicle Program Manager for the U.S. Air Force. “The new TITAN AT will be the workhorse for our deployed firefighters and E-ONE has ensured it meets our requirements wherever the mission is requested.”

“We are very excited the U.S. Air Force selected E-ONE to build the next generation air transportable ARFF vehicle,” said RJ Jones, Key Account Manager for E-ONE. “To meet the strict dimension and weight requirements for loading onto a C-130 aircraft, E-ONE engineers worked closely with the U.S. Air Force and chose Darley to assist us with the pump and plumbing components on this truly innovative vehicle.”

E-ONE Pump and Plumbing Engineer, Steve Swayze commented, “Darley worked with us on a unique pump layout. The compact design and lightweight Darley PSP were instrumental in helping us achieve our weight and space requirements. The Darley pump easily pumps 1,800 gpm @ 200 psi, well above its rated capacity.”

For more information, visit www.darley.com.


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