Sutphen Corporation Adds 36-Inch Custom Cab Length to Lineup


DUBLIN, OHIO—Sutphen Corporation, the largest family-owned fire apparatus manufacturer in the nation, adds a 36-inch custom cab length to its product lineup. The 130-year-old business now offers four different custom cab length options.

Measuring 36 inches from the center of the front wheel well to the end of the cab, the new two-door custom cab option allows departments to reduce unused cab space. Sutphen now offers 36-inch, 56-inch, 62-inch, and 73-inch cab length options, all of which are placed on the family-owned business’s Monarch extreme-duty chassis.

“This new cab is a testament to our innovative spirit,” said Zach Rudy, Sutphen’s director of sales and marketing. “As one of the core principles and driving factors of our business, this new cab option opens the door for customers who may need to reduce travel size or only use two-firefighter crews.”

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Sutphen’s first 36-inch cab was designed and manufactured as an air and light truck for the Greensboro Fire Department in Greensboro, North Carolina.

“It does more than just fill bottles on calls,” said Eric Campbell a Greensboro Fire Department engineer. “It provides supplies for rehab; it also provides supplies for the guys whenever they’re done with a fire to clean their gear.”

Campbell continued by saying the truck only has one person assigned for each 24-hour shift, so the department doesn’t need room for extra people. With the extra room provided by the two-door cab, the truck is a catch-all and prepared for any situation the department may face.

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“After speaking with the Greensboro Fire Department and understanding their needs and wants, we were able to work with them to provide this new two-door custom cab,” said Justin Howell, Sutphen’s senior sales territory manager. “It is a first for Sutphen, but as a long-time customer, the Greensboro Fire Department trusted us to provide them with their exact needs and wants. We thank them for their trust in our process, our engineering and our innovation.”

The chassis is complete with Sutphen’s cathacoated 10-inch double frame rails, a 214¼-inch wheelbase, an exterior cab compartment for the driver’s gear, Sutphen’s classic Federal Q2B in the center of the grille, and more.

The body of the truck was built through Sutphen’s partnership with SVI Trucks. The two engineering departments worked closely together to create the best possible apparatus for the department.

The body is complete with a 40-kW generator, a 7,000-psi Bauer air compressor, two double-bottle cascade fill stations, a recessed light tower on top of the body, three electric retractable awnings, and 55 individual SCBA cylinder holders.

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Measuring 36 inches from the center of the front wheel well to the end of the cab, the new two-door custom cab option allows departments to reduce unused cab space.

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