SVI Trucks Launches Web Site for Refurb Division
FORT COLLINS, CO—SVI Refurb, a partner in fire apparatus refurbishment, fire truck repair, and emergency vehicle maintenance, has launched its own Web site, departments across the country have trusted SVI Refurb with their fire apparatus refurbishment needs, adding 10 to 15 years of life to their trucks. SVI Refurb is a division of SVI Trucks, a manufacturer of custom fire trucks, located in a 160,000-square-foot facility in Fort Collins, Colorado. “With our growing list of services, plus a great portfolio of completed projects, we felt it was time for our refurb division to have its own Web site,” said Ron Weinmeister, SVI Refurb President. “Plus, we want to help guide departments through the refurb process, so the Web site includes a lot of resource information, like NFPA 1912 guidelines, cost analysis scenarios and a list of general refurb prices.”

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The Web site features a number of pages devoted to essential refurb services, including chassis remounting, apparatus repairs, automotive paint, vehicle graphics, lighting upgrades, tool mounting, and annual inspections. Featuring EVT-certified technicians, SVI Refurb can refurbish most any fire truck brand, including Pierce, Sutphen, Spartan, Smeal, E-ONE, KME, Ferrara, Rosenbauer, Seagrave, and,  of course, SVI Trucks. “It’s important to us to help extend the life of a truck, and often at a quarter of the cost it would take to build new,” Weinmeister said.The Web site also includes a gallery of completed work, featuring videos, refurb specifications and before and after photos.
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    The Web site features a number of pages devoted to essential refurb services, including chassis remounting, apparatus repairs, automotive paint, vehicle graphics, lighting upgrades, tool mounting, and annual inspections.

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