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Who Needs Crosslays?

By Ricky Riley Departments across the country have numerous ways that they store and deploy their handlines. One of the most common ways for a majority of departments is to carry attack lines as crosslays. This is usually two storage beds ...

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Keeping Spare Rigs Operational

By Christian P. Koop Spare emergency response vehicles (ERVs), aka reserve rigs—it seems that many don’t think about these important rigs until they are needed. Many times, they either won’t start or, if they do, they break down shortly after ...

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Spray-On Options for Fire Apparatus

By Ricky Riley In my neverending search for innovative and cool options, I’ve seen a not-so-new one that is now slowly becoming mainstream in some departments. In the past, the pump panels on fire apparatus had usually about three choices ...

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10 Reasons Why You Should Use CAFS

By Waterous Staff While compressed-air foam systems (CAFS) have their roots in wildland fire operations, the technology has proved to be a revolutionary breakthrough in structural firefighting. What follows is a thumbnail sketch of the advantages found in deploying CAFS ...

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