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Ask a Darley Engineer: Relief Valves

Q: What type of relief valves does Darley offer to protect the pump and operator? Answered by Wayne Hable, chief engineer, waynehable@darley.com A: We offer two types. A Darley discharge pressure relief valve is intended to only allow as much as a ...

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Cherry Pickers and Truck Committees

By Bill Adams Apparatus purchasing should be a two-way street between purchasers and prospective vendors. A degree of mutual trust and professionalism should be demonstrated between them, especially during initial meetings. It doesn’t always happen. The time expended by apparatus ...

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Ask a Darley Engineer

By Kyle Darley, Design Engineer Q: What does Darley offer in a turn-key PTO pump solution? A: Darley’s HM Solution Series is a turnkey underslung module designed to allow improved throughput at the OEM level and uncontested performance for the ...

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Beefing Up the Rear

By Ricky Riley During a recent class on tower ladder operations in Mount Joy, Pennsylvania, I was able to see an option that I had heard about but had never seen in person. The option was suggested to the department ...

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