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Darley Pump School and CAFS Academy

Darley offers a comprehensive pump school and CAFS Academy covering everything from pump theory to operation, hands-on maintenance and repair of Darley pumps, CAFS and accessories. This past May, 16 year olds James and John Cox were the youngest students ...

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“Z” Hooks, Z-Combo Grip Handle

Great for salvage and overhaul, Zico‘s lightweight yet extremely strong poles feature 1″ O.D. handles and our special “Z” heads. The steel Z-Combo Grip handle adds the multi-functionality of a 1-3/4″ striking surface and 5-1/2″ hardened steel pry. Lengths Available: ...

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Zico Strapless “D” Cylinder Bracket

YARDLEY, PA—Ziamatic Corp. (Zico) presents the QUIC-RELEASE Strapless Cylinder Bracket, Model QR-D-2. With the self-locking QR-D-2, simply place a“D” cylinder in the bracket and press back through the latch to lock it into place—no straps required. The heavy-duty backspring holds ...

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Darley PSM with MagnaTrans™

The Darley PSM (P = P series pump rated at 1,000 to 1,500 gpm, S = Single suction design, M = Midship) is Darley’s most specified split-shaft pump and shares many of the general attributes of other pumps in Darley’s ...

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