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Zico Ladder Access System

YARDLEY, PA—The Ziamatic Corp. (Zico) Ladder Access System – Extend Down, Model LAS-XT, combines Zico’s popular, time-tested LAS ladder rack design with a new, patented cable and pulley system capable of raising and lowering ladders an additional 12 inches for ...

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ZICO Mounting Bracket for Portable Scene Light

YARDLEY, PA—Prevent bulky portable scene lights from shifting during transport with the Zico’s QUIC-MOUNT Scene Light Bracket, Model QM-SLB-1. Bracket keeps collapsed portable scene lights secured and organized inside the compartment. When needed, a simple nylon strap and buckle allow for ...

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The KME Predator™ Cab

By Bruce Nalesnik/KME Chassis Product Manager The KME Predator™ cab model delivers unsurpassed safety, ergonomics, reliability and ease of maintenance. While safety comes “standard,” the KME Predator boasts a wide range of options for powertrains, seating, storage needs, and fire ...

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Ziamatic Vertical Hard Suction Tray Mount

  With Zico’s Model HHS-TMV-2, fire departments can mount two 10’ hard sleeves, one directly above the other, on a fire apparatus side shelf. Heavy-duty nylon straps tightly secure the sleeves to the tray while remaining easy to remove when ...

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