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KME Pumper 360

Revolutionary Body Design and Construction

KME designs and manufactures thousands of innovative pumper body configurations in a variety of materials to satisfy the needs of your environment as well as your budget.  Body construction is available in Galvanneal Steel, Aluminum, 3CR12 Stainless Steel, and 304L Stainless Steel.

Corrosion is the biggest enemy to fire bodies, and KME takes extra steps to avoid this by utilizing the same subframe material as the body, as well as installing several isolation barriers, and utilizing a special coated fastener to eliminate dissimilar metal interaction.  The formed construction technique utilized by KME allows for more storage space for the customized tools carried by your department.

Body Design with Safety in Mind

Whether you are on the way to a scene, working a scene, unloading equipment, or just doing routine maintenance, KME provides a safer solution. With safety in mind KME designs each apparatus to reduce these hazards. A few ways KME addresses these concerns is by lowering weight, creating a lower center of gravity, securely mounting equipment ergonomically, and providing safe and easy access to roof storage.

Better Performance through Better Ideas

New ideas and new technologies aren’t enough. KME implements better ideas in a manner that increases performance and safety and brings rapid results through simplified operations. KME’s pump and plumbing structure are built on the chassis frame, with the cab and body already assembled and installed.  This assures the customer that if KME can build it this way, the end user can service it this way.  Each water tank is custom designed to maximize use of the available space.

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With a Passion for Firefighter Safety "We need to trust that the apparatus will get us to the job and back home again. KME rigs are the toolboxes we need to help save lives.
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