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Too Many Unnecessary Words Can Frustrate a Vendor

Their possible contentious behavior is illustrated below to substantiate my belief there are too many unnecessary words in apparatus specifications (specs).

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A Few Fire Apparatus Salesman Secrets

By Bill Adams In previous commentaries, I’ve mentioned that it is frustrating trying to interpret what specification writers are trying to say in specifications (specs) containing nebulous and confusing requirements. Extremely long, flamboyant, and hard-to-read verbiage can make the purchasing ...

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Prove How I Didn’t Meet Your Specs!

By Bill Adams Evaluating proposals for a new fire truck can be a challenging experience when purchasing specifications (specs) are vague and ambiguous. The task can be overwhelming when each party involved has a different interpretation of a purchaser’s written ...

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Pre-Con and Pre-Bid Meetings

By Bill Adams Fire apparatus pundits and industry experts forever praise the value of holding a preconstruction conference (meeting) before the build process begins on a new purchase. They claim it is the venue to resolve all items in the ...

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The Rig: Purchasing Committee Priorities and Supervision

By Bill Adams Purchasing a new piece of fire apparatus can be a rewarding and educational experience in both career and volunteer fire departments. Ideally, the authority having jurisdiction (AHJ) dictates the authority’s objectives and priorities to the apparatus purchasing ...

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Cherry Pickers and Truck Committees

By Bill Adams Apparatus purchasing should be a two-way street between purchasers and prospective vendors. A degree of mutual trust and professionalism should be demonstrated between them, especially during initial meetings. It doesn’t always happen. The time expended by apparatus ...

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