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What About the Officer?

By Ricky Riley I recently had the opportunity to visit a few other departments that were doing training sessions and as always I was drawn to their apparatus floors. I spent time looking the rigs over, opening doors, and seeing ...

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The Rig: Ambiguous Purchasing Specs

By Bill Adams My two previous pieces on specifications noted unclear purchasing specifications may contain imprecise terminology with multiple meanings or verbiage that is vague or specifies unmeasurable requirements. There are also instances when spec writers have not erroneously described ...

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Engines Ready for Truck Work

By Ricky Riley Throughout my career, I have been very fortunate to work for departments with dedicated truck companies. These units are placed in geographically strategic locations and are able to provide vital services in a timely manner on the ...

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The Rig: More Unclear Specifications

By Bill Adams The Rig: Unclear Specifications Below are more examples of purchasing and proposal specification verbiage that may be subject to different interpretations. As previously mentioned, some unclear specifications may seem insignificant. If not addressed prior to delivery, some ...

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KME Lock-N-Load™ Hosebed

The Lock-N-Load™ hosebed is a treadplate cover that rolls back onto itself, allowing one person to roll it back and lift it completely out of the way. This design is the most ergonomic design and allows one person to safely raise ...

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Tillers and the Ladder Culture

By Ricky Riley In this month’s edition of The Rig, I wanted to highlight one of those pieces of fire apparatus that all of us love and wish we could have in our cadre of equipment just for the cool ...

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