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More Thoughts on the Deck Gun

By Ricky Riley Usually not much thought is given to the deck gun as an offensive tool. It is more or less always classified as a defensive part of our fire attack. With fires seeming to be gaining a head ...

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Fire Apparatus Rollovers

In this article, we will examine some of the more serious safety issues faced by the fire apparatus operator. By reviewing recent case studies, it is apparent that our first topic should be that of fire apparatus rollovers. Rollovers are ...

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Selecting Apparatus Components

  By Bill Peters When you are selecting apparatus components to include in your specifications, there are three considerations: (1) Are you meeting mission requirements? (2) Are the components available to be used on the type of apparatus you are ...

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Assembling an Apparatus Purchasing Committee

By Bill Adams Contrary to popular belief and the ramblings of pundits and commentators including myself, there is no single “best way” to assemble an apparatus purchasing committee (APC). Many so-called industry experts tout biased opinions expounding on the past ...

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