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Elkhart (IN) Fire Department Gets SPH 100 Aerial Platform from Sutphen

Elkhart aerial

By Alan M. Petrillo The Elkhart (IN) Fire Department covers the 32-square mile city of Elkhart with 140 paid firefighters working out of seven stations, and running six engines, one quint, one aerial platform, and three ambulances as front-line apparatus. ...

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NFPA 1901 & FAMA Signs: Sensible or Nonsensical? Part 2

Commonsense signage on fire apparatus

By Bill Adams Part 1 illustrated this writer’s opinion that the requirement for and installation of “warning signs” on fire apparatus could be scrutinized. This part further investigates the whys and wherefores of providing signage. There is no intent to ...

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Sutphen Enters the Tractor Drawn Aerial Market

   DUBLIN, OHIO – Sutphen Corporation, the largest family-owned fire apparatus manufacturer in the nation, announces the launch of the Sutphen tractor drawn aerial. Adding to Sutphen’s expansive family of aerials, the 131-year-old, family-owned business offers its renown mid-mount design, ...

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Coplay (PA) Fire Department Goes to KME for Rescue-Pumper

By Alan M. Petrillo The Coplay (PA) Fire Department needed to replace a 30-year-old engine and an equally aging rescue truck. But instead of purchasing two new vehicles, it decided to merge their functions into a single rig, a rescue-pumper. ...

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Tanker Innovations Improve Water Carrying, Vehicle Handling Abilities

By Alan M. Petrillo Tankers (tenders), especially those carrying very large amounts of water, have sometimes been criticized for two major drawbacks: sacrificing compartment space to get to a specified gallonage and having heavy and less responsive handling capabilities. But ...

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Fire Apparatus Rollovers

In this article, we will examine some of the more serious safety issues faced by the fire apparatus operator. By reviewing recent case studies, it is apparent that our first topic should be that of fire apparatus rollovers. Rollovers are ...

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Smart Panel II Electronic Pressure GovernorSmart Panel II Electronic Pressure Governor

Darley recently unveiled its new Smart Panel II electronic pressure governor. The feature-rich system allows extraordinary control of any firefighting pump. Its four main components include a main display, controlling computer, and two quarter-inch male NPT pressure transducers. These can ...

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Smart Air: CAFS PTO Module Controller

The Darley PTO Controller features a 4.3″ (109 mm) LED display screen with full instrument readings included. This new control panel has visual and audio notifications for maintenance reminders and alerts. The compact display screen with a heavy duty electrical ...

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