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Experience and Focus are what set Sutphen apart from the competition.

Since 1890, Sutphen Corporation has been built on the foundations of family, innovation and service to firefighters and communities around the world. As the largest family-owned fire apparatus manufacturer in the nation, Sutphen Corporation is helps firefighters serve communities around the world.

Strong, Stable, Committed to the Fire Service Since 1890

At Sutphen, we realize that the act of purchasing fire apparatus is so much more than just a mundane business transaction.  Everything involved, from the beginning planning stages, to the delivery and acceptance, require time and commitment.  We value that substantial commitment you are making with your time.  This commitment is why we don’t just put our name on our apparatus, we put our hearts into it.


Sutphen is heavy-duty all the time

Over 130 years of experience

At Sutphen, our mission is to build the safest, most reliable, fire apparatus in the world, through innovation and customer focus.

We recognize how important our customers, employees, and families are to the success of our company.  We understand that our company’s well-being is dependent upon our contributions and commitment.  We all agree to grow our business through the following core values:


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Cortland (OH) Fire Department Gets Rescue-Pumper from Sutphen

Cortland (OH) Fire Department Gets Rescue-Pumper from Sutphen

David Rea, Cortland’s chief, says the department wanted to replace a pumper that Cortland had outgrown in terms of how much equipment they wanted to carry. “We purchased a new rescue-pumper from Sutphen Corp. through the Ohio State Term Schedule, which is a cooperative purchasing program that Sutphen participates in,” Rea says.

Meadville (PA) Fire Rescue & EMS Returns to Sutphen for SLR 75 Quint

Meadville (PA) Fire Rescue & EMS Returns to Sutphen for SLR 75 Quint

Meadville (PA) Fire Rescue & EMS had a 30-year-old aerial platform and a pumper that were starting to have maintenance issues, so the department put together a truck committee to spec out a quint that could fill the functions of both an engine and a truck. At the end of the committee’s work, the department decided to purchase a Sutphen SLR 75 quint aerial ladder.