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Specification Considerations

By Bill Adams Most fire apparatus purchasing articles recommend writing precise and understandable specifications that are both measurable and comparable. They advocate firefighter safety, emphasize meeting regulatory standards, and encourage competitive bidding. Technical specifications describing apparatus design and component parts ...

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Proportioner Sizing

A common question fielded by our team is, “What size proportioning system should we place on our apparatus?” The following are some guidelines and questions that will assist with determining which system will meet your expectations. Proportioning systems are available ...

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Apparatus Purchasing: Pump Modules

By Bill Adams Fire pump manufacturers customarily ship pumps and loose accessories in a crate to fire apparatus builders. They can also ship complete fabricated pump modules compliant with National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) 1901, Standard for Automotive Fire Apparatus. ...

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LEDs Taking Over Firefighting Apparatus

By Alan M. Petrillo There’s been a quiet revolution in lighting on all types of fire apparatus, and light emitting diodes-better known as LEDs-are leading the charge. LEDs have many advantages over other types of lighting devices: They draw less ...

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