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Under Warranty

By Michael H. Smith

You plug in the new TV, and nothing, won’t even power up. Thank goodness its under warranty.

Without the warranty, your money is wasted.

In 1999, James Wessel, the founder of Brindlee Mountain Fire Apparatus, found himself in a similar situation after the local volunteer fire department where he served purchased a used fire truck.

A major selling point for this fire truck was the warranty and thank goodness because, on the first run from its new location, it broke down. But, it took months and legal action to see the warranty activated.

This incident became the catalyst for Brindlee Mountain Fire Apparatus and the reason we offer a warranty on our inventory trucks. And more importantly, we have a system in place to act swiftly on all warranty claims.

  • The Warranty covers every major component against catastrophic failure.
  • There is a dedicated warranty support team that manages all claims.
  • A customer can use a local dealer/service center of their choice.

Brindlee Mountain was started in 2001 and offering a warranty has been a part of the business plan.

The incident and following events around Mr. Wessel’s experience with his volunteer fire department’s purchase resulted in many troublesome days and sleepless nights. No department needs to endure a similar situation.

Brindlee Mountain’s warranty strives to circumvent such incidents providing the buyer with peace of mind knowing it’s covered.

For more information, visit https://www.firetruckmall.com/Blog/B-001458/Under+Warranty.


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