Sutphen Introduces SLR 108 Aerial Fire Apparatus

Sutphen 108-Foot Aerial Quint

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Sutphen Corporation, the largest family-owned fire apparatus manufacturer in the nation, announces the launch of the SLR 108, a new 108-foot, rear-mount aluminum ladder apparatus.

Adding to Sutphen’s family of aerials, the 130-year-old company now offers two rear-mount aerial apparatus.

“When conceptualizing this project, we wanted to put firefighter’s safety first,” said president of Sutphen’s Hilliard location Julie Sutphen Phelps. “We took feedback from firefighters across the country and combined it with current proven designs in other Sutphen products. We are extremely excited to present our new 108-foot, rear-mount aerial.” The new SLR 108 features Sutphen’s Huck® bolted aerial device with 3:1 safety factor and a 750-pound tip load when dry and 500-pound tip load when wet. The aerial is also capable of 108 feet of vertical reach and 98 feet, 8 inches of horizontal reach. “We are excited to expand our product line and welcome a new aerial to our already expansive family of aerials,” said Sutphen’s director of sales and marketing Zach Rudy. “With this apparatus, we will compete in a new market that we have yet to reach. Both new and existing customers are eager for this rear-mount aerial and we look forward to working with them.” Designed and crafted for the unpredictability presented by every fire scene, two sets of underslung jacks support the aerial with a total jack spread of only 16 feet. The truck is also capable of short jacking to reach into narrow road and alleyways.

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Constructed using #6061-T6 aluminum alloy and fastened with aircraft grade Huck® bolt technology, the aerial has a safety factor of 3:1.  The Huck® bolt system eliminates the need for welds.

The aluminum aerial device never needs painted and won’t rust.  Aerial slide blocks are constructed from Ultra High Molecular Weight Polyethylene (UHMW-PE) that requires little to no maintenance.

The Sutphen body is constructed from corrosion-resistant #304 Stainless Steel.  Body compartments are bolted together for strength and ease of repair.  Body compartments are tall and deep providing ample storage space for rescue tools and other bulky equipment, as well as tool mounting boards, shelves, trays, etc.

With two sets of underslung jacks deployed by the touch of a button, the SLR 108 maintains a narrow jack spread of 16 feet. Even with its narrow jack spread, the apparatus brings you short-jacking capabilities to reduce jack spread and enable your truck to reach into tight alleyways and narrow streets.

The SLR 108 comes with an aerial complement of 115 feet of ground ladders as standard, and room for long handle tools, additional ladders, stokes baskets and more, the low-to-the-ground ladder chute gives firefighters easy access for ladder deployment.

Cab interiors are well appointed and very durable.  Stainless steel door panels are standard, and heavy duty Durawear material covers the headliner and back wall.  Bostrom Secure-All ABTS SCBA seats Durawear covered seats are standard.

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Cab and interior configurations available to accommodate up to 10 personnel all while maintaining a “full tilt” cab.

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The new SLR 108 features Sutphen’s Huck® bolted aerial device with 3:1 safety factor and a 750-pound tip load when dry and 500-pound tip load when wet.

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