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Ask a Darley Engineer: Relief Valves

Q: What type of relief valves does Darley offer to protect the pump and operator? Answered by Wayne Hable, chief engineer, waynehable@darley.com A: We offer two types. A Darley discharge pressure relief valve is intended to only allow as much as a ...

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Darley PSM with MagnaTrans™

The Darley PSM (P = P series pump rated at 1,000 to 1,500 gpm, S = Single suction design, M = Midship) is Darley’s most specified split-shaft pump and shares many of the general attributes of other pumps in Darley’s ...

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Boston (MA) Fire Department Chooses Darley Pumps

In the city where the Revolutionary War began, another revolution continues to spread, that is the Darley Pump Revolution. While perhaps not of as high of consequence to the American general public, those who protect these citizens have continued to ...

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