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It’s All About the Gears

By Craig Weeks Flashback: early 1980s, 1965 to 1973 muscle cars ruled the roads, and every high school gear head scrambled to save $500 for the rusty Mustang, Camaro, or Challenger with the “For Sale” sign in the window. It ...

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Apparatus Technology: Part 2

By Craig Weeks Visually, the emergency warning lights that were once incandescent light bulbs with noisy spinning rotating assemblies or flashing sealed-beam lamps drawing up to 100 amps or more on a single vehicle have been replaced with the light ...

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Apparatus Technology: Part 1

By Craig Weeks What happened to the good ol’ days? In my generation, if we weren’t outside riding bikes or playing war, we had to break out a deck of cards or a board game to keep ourselves entertained. No ...

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The Up-Front on Bumper Extensions

Two (2) 150-feet rolled preconnected hose storage well and front-bumper suction inlet with hose storage. By Ryan Slane, KME pumper and tanker product manager Each community’s fire service needs impactful new apparatus design specifications, and one part of the truck ...

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The Rig: Specifying the Perfect Pumper

By Bill Adams Many pundits who talk and write about fire apparatus purchasing specifications will astutely and sometimes subtly promote personal agendas. It’s generally accepted. Safety gurus spell out every mandatory, recommended, and desired criterion for firefighters’ well-being. That’s admirable. ...

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Designing and Building Rescue Trucks

By Beck Bailey Rescue trucks deliver the tools and equipment that are essential for rescue workers to perform their duties in emergency situations. A rescue vehicle’s function is different than that of pumper or ladder truck, which is typically used ...

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