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Cherry Pickers and Truck Committees

By Bill Adams Apparatus purchasing should be a two-way street between purchasers and prospective vendors. A degree of mutual trust and professionalism should be demonstrated between them, especially during initial meetings. It doesn’t always happen. The time expended by apparatus ...

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Ask a Darley Engineer

By Kyle Darley, Design Engineer Q: What does Darley offer in a turn-key PTO pump solution? A: Darley’s HM Solution Series is a turnkey underslung module designed to allow improved throughput at the OEM level and uncontested performance for the ...

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Beefing Up the Rear

By Ricky Riley During a recent class on tower ladder operations in Mount Joy, Pennsylvania, I was able to see an option that I had heard about but had never seen in person. The option was suggested to the department ...

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More on Low Hosebeds

By Ricky Riley I believe it should go without saying that I am a huge proponent of low hosebeds, regardless of tank size or apparatus design. Low hosebeds assist in attack line deployment and help reduce firefighter injuries. But, departments ...

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Santa Barbara (CA) Fire Department Pumper

“We have very diverse terrain in Santa Barbara and we respond to equally diverse emergencies. With KME we can optimize every compartment so we can keep out tools organized and systematically packed, so we always have everything we need.” Mike ...

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Unruly Apparatus Purchasing Committees

  By Bill Adams A career in fire apparatus sales is not complete until you’ve bumped heads with a bull-headed, know-it-all, don’t-question-my-authority apparatus purchasing committee (APC) member or fire chief. Its immaterial if the chief and committee is volunteer or ...

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